Once upon a time...
Business software was ugly.
SCOadmin This is what it looked like. Perhaps you remember: character-based and monochrome, enterprise software of ages past would require an all-important and mysterious server that tethered you to your office and kept you up late at night with loud dot-matrix printed reports. If you were lucky, you would only have to pay $100 to a certified consultant every time you wanted to change a printer setting.
It was also kind of stupid.
Getting work done required a lot of data entry. Not just any kind of data entry, though. Useless, unnecessary and incredibly inefficient data entry. Every day, thousands of people would type in information from paper that had been printed by business software processing data, that had already been typed in by workers at other companies based on paper printed by business software processing data, that had already been typed in by workers at other companies... And we kept on doing it. Keyboard
Business software was ugly.
Systems A different system for everything. General ledger? One system. Purchase orders? Another system. Product details? A third system. Inventory? Yet another system. Payroll? An entirely different contractor, with its own system. Taxes? The CPAs do that on their completely separate system. Web site? That's a web based system, plus another system to talk to our system. E-mail? Another system. Calendar? The Outlook system running on Exchange. The end result? Too many systems.
Business software was ugly.
Now that some of those systems are on the web, there are still too many systems . And now they're in too many different places. Yet, a surprising number of them are so old that it would cost more to update them than it would to just deal with them forever. So these computer systems resign businesses to profit-killing, inefficient mediocrity, from the cash register to the data center. Cash Register
Most new software is just lipstick on a pig.
Pig with Lipstick Just because it's web-based doesn't make it better. The same companies who developed archaic software for businesses in the 1980s have made a fortune off of upgrades to newer versions. But the software works the same way it did before: not very well. Meanwhile, truly new time-saving technologies have been in use for years in consumer internet applications.
Not ThinkLink. It's different by design.
We built ThinkLink from the ground up for the web. That makes it fundamentally different from every other business software program you've ever seen or used. Why bother manually entering clients or vendors if someone else has already entered them for you? Why categorize data in one folder at a time, when you could tag it with as many interlinked labels as you want? Why waste resources on expensive hardware when bank-grade security can keep data private and reduce unnecessary costs? ThinkLink answers all of these questions and more. Data Schema
You should try it. It's free.
ThinkLink is free for small businesses because we started as one. It's a full-fledged double-entry accounting system (including point of sale, payroll and tax), shared calendar, contact manager, messaging system and file cabinet, all in one. It has thousands of features. It even integrates directly with the FaceCash mobile payment system. But the most important point is that it lets you run your business and your life with one comprehensive and intuitive system.
Business software was ugly.
Get ahead of the curve. No one wants to be stuck with antiquated systems when there's a better alternative. Make your business more profitable and save yourself time and money with ThinkLink. Or call us toll-free at +1 888 815 8599 with any questions. Skyline
The End.

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